Drinking Water Systems for 
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We offer a range of options for purifying your water in the convenience of your own home. With our products you can avoid those costly visits to the store every week to by bottled water that can contain harmful plastic contaminates

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Features of Hero 385
 HydroLink communication technology allows for remote display (HERO 385)

 Industry rated, 50 gallons per day membrane production. Can be upgraded to 75 gallons per day for higher use applications.

 The filters are enclosed for cleanliness and ease of replacement.

 Changing filters does not require turning off the water or opening a filter housing.  System is sealed with disposable cartridges for easy filter change. 

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How Reverse Osmosis Works

1.   Household water is directed through a prefilter for filtration to remove sediment, chlorine taste and odor, and particulate matter.

2. Water pressure forces the water through a semi-permeable membrane where a high percentage of the dissolved solids, etc. are flushed down the drain and purified water is produced.

3. Purified water is reserved in the storage tank until needed.  An activated carbon absorption block filter that removes tastes and odors polishes the water immediately before going to the faucet or refrigerator for use

Specification Sheets (PDFs)
Hero385 Specs
Features of ERO-175
• Compact unit for small spaces 

• Industry rated, 40 gallons per day membrane production

• The filters are enclosed for cleanliness and ease of replacement

• Changing does not require turning off the water

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Compact Unit

This is a small unit with powerful purification. Idea for 2-3 person household or limited space applications. 

Specification Sheets (PDFs)
Ero175 Specs
Features of EPS 1000
 Meets or exceeds the EPA requirement for the reduction of bacteria viruses and cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidia, contaminants that are known to generate boil alerts.

 Reduces 53 volatile organic compounds.

 Reduces lead and chlorine taste and odor. Minerals are retained for improved taste

• No storage tank needed and no water is wasted to drain.

• Encapsulated replacement filters with sealed outer shell to ensure that every filter change is sanitary and dry.
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Extruded Carbon Block Technology

The EPS 1000 is a microbiological drinking water purification system that uses Extruded Carbon Block technology.  It is certified to meet or exceed the EPA requirement for the removal of bacteria, viruses and cysts.  In addition it reduces Chlorine and addresses Taste, and Odor concerns for filtered water quality.

Specification Sheets (PDFs)
Eps1000 Specs